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Go Bananas 2021 Header Photo

Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2021

Malaga, Spain
May 7-8-9 

Ariadna Beltran and Simon Bressanelli!

Image that represents the philosophy of Go Bananas! Swing Festival


Hours of Lindy Hop

• Connection
• Jazz up your Lindy Hop
• Charleston
• Teacher's Choice



• 3 parties with live music 
• Banana desserts party!
• Wooden Floors
• Central location


Pass Options

¡Choose the perfect pass for you!
     · Lindy Hop Pass
     · Solo Pass 
     · Party Pass 


Solo Workshops

• Spins, Turns, & Slides
• Solo Jazz

Go Bananas Philosophy

Go Bananas! Swing Festival combines the characteristics that we most value and represent our philosophy of swing.

Small Classes

A lot of attention and individual feedback from the teachers

Familiar Atmosphere

A small festival where it's easy to meet people and make friends


You know the topic of each workshop in your pass

Affordable Prices

So you don't spend all your money (and can attend more festivals!) 


Workshops planned specifically to improve your social dance


All of the workshops will be given by the same teachers, leaving you with a clear and consistent perspective


Technique is important, but it isn't everything! Dare to go crazy or as we would say... Go Bananas! 

Simple logistics

All of the activities and locations are central and accessible walking

Lindy Hop Workshops

*All workshops will be given in Spanish and English

Lindy Hop Workshops - Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2020

Connection, the comunication between leader and follower, is one of the most important and most difficult elements to master in Lindy Hop. 

You will clean up and polish your connection and learn to comunicate clearly to enjoy the dance even more.

Mastering Solo Jazz is essential to become a great Lindy Hopper. 

You will learn how to introduce elements of Solo Jazz in your partner dance to improve your improvisation and musicality.

We are going to do... kicks!

Improve your knowledge of this dynamic and fun substyle of Lindy Hop. You'll never fear fast songs ever again!

The teachers will choose a Lindy Hop topic personalized for each group.

This workshop will be given the last day of the festival, Sunday, after getting to know the students and their needs throughout the event. 

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Solo Workshops

*The Solo Workshops are without a partner and all levels.
They are included in their own pass (Solo Pass) or can be added as a bonus workshop to the Lindy Hop pass.

*All workshops will be given in Spanish and English

Solo Workshops - Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2020

*Instructor: Ariadna Beltran*

It doesn't matter if you dance Solo Jazz or Lindy Hop (or both!), spins, turns, & slides are fundamental in your dance. 

You will improve your technique and learn how to do these movements more efficiently. 

*Instructor: Simon Bressanelli*

Swing isn't just danced with a partner! Solo Jazz is an important component of any swing dancer.

Here you will learn movements to feel more comfortable dancing solo and also enrich your partner dancing.

Vamos a hacer.... KICKS! 

Mejora tu conocimiento de este subestilo de Lindy Hop tan dinámico y divertido. ¡Nunca más tendrás miedo de bailar canciones rápidas!

Los profesores van a elegir un tema de Lindy Hop personalizado para cada grupo.

Este taller se impartirá el último día del festival, el domingo, después de conocer los alumnos y sus necesidades durante el evento.

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Choose the level of Lindy Hop that you most identify with (regardless of how long you have been dancing).  Please read the descriptions very carefully to ensure that you choose the appropriate level.  

*Note: There is a big jump from one level to the next. If you feel that you're in between levels, it's better to sign up for the level "Jorge Curioso". 

¿Questions? Ask us at:


Jorge Curioso

You are really comfortable with the basics in 6 and 8 counts and with the rhythms: quicks, slows, triple steps, and kicks/charleston. You can change rhythms within the same song fluidly.  You have a wide vocabulary of movements and you know some variations of the fundamental moves. 

You can dance songs from medium-slow to medium-fast tempos (between 120-170 BPM, "beats per minute") without any problem.

Maybe you haven't learned the swing out, lindy circle, and tandem charleston yet, you've learned them recently, or you've learned these movements a long time ago but you still don't do them comfortably.


Haciendo el Mono

You can do everything mencioned in "Jorge Curioso" very fluidly. You are very comfortable and have good connection in your swing out, lindy circle, and charleston (side-by-side, hand-to-hand, tandem). You know Solo Jazz movements and can improvise on your own. 

You are not intimidated by songs with slow or fast tempos (between 100-200 BPM). You can swing out comfortably with triple steps at 150 BPM and greater.

You dance freely and understand the structure of the music. You can adapt your dancing to partners of various levels of experience. You're starting to focus more on the details and work on concepts such as improvisation, creativity, and musicality.


Foto que representa la fiesta - Welcome Party

Welcome Party

"One, Two, Swing", a well-known swing band in Málaga, will accompany us in the first party. 

Foto que representa la fiesta - Main Party

Enter the Jungle

The quintet "Anachronic", will delight us in the main party. An incredible night with Taster, live music, DJ, shows, and surprises! 

Foto que representa la fiesta - Go Bananas!

Go Bananas!

We will end the festival with a dessert party and live music at the hands of the Pastrocchi Quartet. We'll give it all and... GO BANANAS! 

Schedule: Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2021

Lindy Hop Pass
*Normal Price*

  95 €*

  • 4 workshops (5h)
  • 2 tasters
  • 3 parties
  • Add 1 solo workshop [+17€]
  • Add 2 solo workshops  [+30€]


Solo Pass
*Normal Price*

  65 €*

  • Spins, Turns, & Slides + Solo Jazz (2,5h)
  • 2 tasters
  • 3 parties


Super Party Pass
*Normal Price*

  35 €*

  • 2 tasters
  • 3 parties

Party Pass
*Normal Price*

  30 €*

  • 2 tasters
  • Friday & Saturday Parties


Merchandising, Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2020


T-shirts & Backpacks

Price (per item)
10€ Early Bird (reserve with your registration)
12€ Normal Price (bought during the festival; limited availability)

Reserve yours in the registration form! 

Irene Santamaria, massage therapist


During the festival, Irene Santamaria, our trusted massage therapist, will be giving massages in Malaca XXI Coworking (the location of the workshops and Sunday party) at low prices:

15min - 10€
30min - 18€
1 hour - 30€

Reserve a massage in the registration form!

Visita Guiada: Historia y Naturaleza de Málaga

Guided Visit: Malaga's Nature & History

Duration: 2 hours 
Date: Saturday, 8/5, 11:30-13:30
Starting &  End Point: Plaza de la Merced
Price: 8€

A guided walk from the "Plaza de la Merced" to the Victoria Mountain.  We will immerse ourselves in the forest located on the edge of the city and learn about the local plants and animals. The route ends at the top of Victoria Mountain, where we will enjoy incredible views of the city.

Reserve the guided visit in the registration form!

Group Discount

Group Discount

If you come with a group from another city, each person in the group can receive a 10€ discount off the "Normal Price" if everyone in the group signs up for the Lindy Hop Pass. That is, 85€ for the Lindy Hop Pass with the group discount.

To receive the discount, one member of the group must send us an email ( with all of the names and surnames of the group members (3 to 5 pairs from the same city).

When we have the list of names, we will respond with the group code. Each member should wait to receive the group code before signing up in the registration form.

Photo of the teachers, Ariadna Beltran and Simon Bressanelli, Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2020

Ariadna Beltran & Simon Bressanelli

Ariadna and Simon, an elegant and athletic pair, met in 2016 and connected from their first dance together. Their dance is born from a deep respect for the music and the connection that exists between the two. Sharing the same philosophy, they decided to train and evolve together.

Before dancing swing, Ari was a professional contemporary and ballet dancer. Simon has a background in sports. Their diverse experiences are reflected in their dance as well as in their teaching. They have a wide trajectory teaching and transmitting dance and movement. 

They have traveled, taught, performed, and competed throughout Europe and in diverse places such as the United States, China, and South Korea. Ari and Simon continue enjoying every step of the way and their passion for swing dance, music, and culture continues to grow with every new experience. They love to dance and share their love for swing.

Photo of the band members of One Two Swing, Friday Party - Welcome Party

One Two Swing

Friday Party - Welcome Party
We will start off the festival with One Two Swing, a trio well known among the swing dancers in Malaga.  With an extensive repertoire and a unique style, they will make us want to dance all night. Composed of Tete Leal (saxophone), Ricky Vivar (guitar and vocals), and Diego Suarez (piano), One Two Swing is undoubtedly one of the favorite swing bands in the Malaga scene!

Photo of the band members of Anachronic, Saturday Party - Enter the Jungle


Saturday Party - Enter the Jungle

Composed of five great musicians of the Malaga jazz scene, Anachronic will captivate us with a performance full of rhythm and energy. A repertoire made up of great songs from the swing era passed through the velvety voice of Ana Villalba, the strings of the bassist Juan Baca, the guitar of Fali Martinez, the melodic saxaphone of Stefano Tomaselli, and the magical brushes of drummer Nicolas Huguenin. Sharing their passion for jazz with those around them, they will make us dance and have fun in the main party on Saturday (Enter the Jungle)!

Photo of the band members of Pastrocchi Quartet, Sunday Party - Go Bananas!

Pastrocchi Quartet

Sunday Party - Go Bananas!
Pastrocchi Quartet is a dynamic formation composed of musicians of different origins and trajectories that find in swing a perfect reason to unite and play together. An incredible selection of songs from the golden age of swing make up their repertoire, which is nurtured by a language rich in nuances, filled with a style from a different age, and destined for dancing. They have participated in numerous swing festivals (including Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2019) and will accompany us in the Sunday party.

Kelly Isaac, Taster Teacher (Tap) of Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2020

Kelly Isaac
Friday Taster Teacher - Tap

Kelly started dancing tap at the early age of 4 in Washington, D.C. and started dedicating himself professionally at age 13. He has performed in numerous productions in the United States and has worked with tap legends such as Gregory Hines and Harold Nicholas, of the Nicholas Brothers. In his career, Kelly has had the privilege of dancing and teaching tap in more than 30 countries. We are lucky to have him with us during the festival!

Rebecca Vega, Taster Teacher (African Dance) of Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2020

Rebecca Vega
Saturday Taster Teacher - African Dance

Rebecca became a professional dancer in Buenos Aires, showing more and more interest in percussion and rhythms such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Arabic, etc. and always exploring the African roots of the music. She has received training in Mauritania, Algeria, and Brazil and now gives regular classes of African Dance in Malaga. We will have the privilege of learning these energetic dance styles from her in the Saturday party! 

Foto de Luke Ellington, DJ de Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2020

Luke Ellington

Luke Ellington is a veteran DJ and promoter from Cordoba since the end of the 90's. Since 2015, he has participated as a DJ in various swing and Lindy Hop events (Festival Solo Jazz Dance, 24 hour Lindy People, Almeria Swing Festival, etc.). In 2017, he co-founded the project Dee Dee Swing along with Isabel Santofimia. In 2020  he started a new project "Swing Things" in Cordoba, giving classes in his own space (La Inkubadora) in addition to other spaces.

Foto de Luis Martín, Fotografó de Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2020

Photography / Video

Dancer for 3 years, photographer for 10 years, and artist and dreamer since he had use of reason. From dreaming so much, he found the swing community!

Luis resides in Alicante, where he is a teacher in the school "The Nest Swing Dance Studio". His extensive knowledge of the two arts, swing and photography, has brought him as filmmaker and collaborator in various festivals such as Ibiza Swing Fun Fest, Shimmy Fest, Winter Black Swing Festival, and Herräng. As a photographer and dancer, he knows how to capture the magical moments when people dance.

Arriving to Malaga

Malaga is well connected by plane, bus, train, and car.

If you arrive by plane, to arrive to the zone of the workshops and parties, the local train "Cercanias" is the quickest and cheapest option.

Transport in Malaga

The locations of the festival are right by the train station (super accessible with public transport or walking).
If you come with a car, you can leave it parked the whole weekend.


There are many accommodation options (hotels, hostels, Airbnb) in the area of the workshops and parties.

If you would like to offer or request accommodation with a local dancer, you can do so in the Facebook event.



Follow us!

Go Bananas! Swing Festival is organized by the school Swing Monkeys in Malaga.

Logo - Swing Monkeys, organizadores de Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2019

Terms & Conditions

-There will be no refunds except in the case that Go Bananas! Swing Festival cancels the particular activity that has been paid for; in such case, there will be a complete refund.

-The attendees of the festival understand that swing is a physical activity and that there is always risk of injury.  Whatever injury, harm, or accident that occurs during the event is not the responsibility of the organizers.

-Before signing up for the festival, if it is necessary, one must verify with a medical professional that he or she is in good physical condition to participate.

-If one is unable to attend the festival for whatever reason, he or she can sell or transfer the pass to another person. It is his or her responsibility to sell the pass and inform the organizers in writing (by email) of the new owner of the pass and their contact information by May 1st. After this date, it is not possible to transfer or sell the pass.

-The payment will be done by bank transfer within 5 days of the date in which the confirmation and payment details are received. Beyond these 5 days, the placement will not be guaranteed and it will be necessary to start the registration process again (at the risk of not receiving another placement).

-To maintain a quality experience in the classes, Go Bananas! Swing Festival limits the number of people without a partner in each group. Those that sign up without a partner in the Lindy Hop workshops will pass automatically to a waiting list to assign them a partner. As more people sign up in the opposite role, those on the waiting list will be assigned a partner in order of their registration.

-During the event there will be personnel hired by the organizers to take photos and record videos. With the assistence to the event, one authorizes the organizers to use these images and videos for the promotion of the Go Bananas! Swing Festival and the school Swing Monkeys.

-Those that attend the festival can share and freely use the official videos and photos, as long credit is given to the event (Go Bananas! Swing Festival) and the photographer (Luis Martin Castell) (license CC-BY-SA). Here is a suggestion - "photo taken at Go Bananas! Swing Festival by Luis Martin Castell".

If you have any questions regarding the Terms & Conditions, you can contact Go Bananas! Swing Festival by email (

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